Service Category: Corporate

Contractual supervision

Contractual supervision offers us prevention from possible business or personal losses in any field of law.

Contracts in any area of private law regulate our relations with others. To prevent us from losses or different understandings of our personal or business relationships we all might need a legal team to provide with a convenient contract.

Mortgage management

Mortgage management helps us to apply for the most convenient mortgage according to conditions provided by banks.

A mortgage isĀ an agreement between you and a lender that gives the lender the right to take your property if you fail to repay the money you’ve borrowed plus interest.

Mortgage loans are used to buy a home or to borrow money against the value of a home you already own. Apart from brokers that might find a good mortgage for you, it is important to pay attention on conditions of these contracts as could be harmful for your finances and economic stability.

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights on our inventions are protected by intellectual property law.

Intellectual property rights are the rights given to persons over the creations of their minds. They usually give the creator an exclusive right over the use of his/her creation for a certain period. Our creation can be stolen if we do not protect it on time.

Accounting and bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping offer us security to calculate correct amounts of our obligations towards public tax authorities.

To prevent possible financial losses it is important to have your accounts organised. Accounting uses the information provided by bookkeeping to prepare financial reports and statements. Bookkeeping is one segment of the whole accounting system. Accounting starts where the bookkeeping ends and has a broader scope than bookkeeping. The result of the bookkeeping process is providing input for accounting.

We provide both services in order to help you keep yourself focused on your business.

Company law

Company law provides us security to establish a business and regulate relations between partners.

Corporate or company law is the body of law governing the rights, relations, and conduct of persons, companies, organisations and businesses. The term refers to the legal practice of law relating to corporations, or to the theory of corporations. Corporate solicitors help businesses to provide their clients good service and make companies protected over possible discrepancies.