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Law & Business WorldWide counts on lawyers, consultants, economists and other professionals specialized in different sectors of profession.

We speak more than 12 languages and represent 7 nationalities. The close relationship among our people fosters the trust needed to find solutions to multinational clients. Global perspectives and deep legal knowledge make difference when meeting the challenges of the global expectations of 21st century. We go where our clients need us. We practice across the borders and our global way of thinking enables us to satisfy the expectations of today’s integrated world. Knowledge of languages, cultures, customs, markets and law empowers us to sail over the complexity, differences and borders



Criminal law, Civil law, Commercial disputes, Immigration law..


Maritime law and insurance, Airline claims..


Contractual supervision, Mortgage management, Intellectual property..


Practice area We Provide

Criminal law

Criminal law protects us from being victim of criminal offenses or from being prosecuted.

Civil law

Civil law regulated our rights related with properties of any kind and our personal relationships.

Commercial disputes

Commercial disputes may arise from diversity of business interactions between individuals and/or companies.

Administrative law

Administrative law connects us with work of public authorities when in our personal or business interactions public interests and/or properties may be involved

Immigration law

Immigration law regulates our rights in a country that is not originally ours.

Maritime law and insurance

Maritime law and insurance protect us from hazards related with international maritime or multimodal transport.

Airline claims

Airline claims offer us rights to receive indemnification for our loss of time regulated by aviation law.

Contractual supervision

Contractual supervision offers us prevention from possible business or personal losses in any field of law.

Mortgage management

Mortgage management helps us to apply for the most convenient mortgage according to conditions provided by banks.

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights on our inventions are protected by intellectual property law.

Accounting and bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping offer us security to calculate correct amounts of our obligations towards public tax authorities.

Company law

Company law provides us security to establish a business and regulate relations between partners.